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Ranger Creek & the Gunslinger

From Eagles pass with a knife fight to the death of two half Cherokee mountain men. To brief encounters with Lopez the Outlaw and his torturous ways. Ranger Creek of the Laredo Texas Rangers encounters the challenge of his lifetime in the face of staggering odds against Kiowa Warrior Braves on the trail to hell along the River Rio Grande. On to confront the well-known Texan Gunslinger King Fisher and his gang. Finally chasing the woman outlaw and stagecoach robber Bella Star, west across the Texan Badlands. Ash Lingam has created a true old-style Western Lawman in the manner of such greats as Sergio Leone, Charles Portis, and Larry McMurtry with a taste of Quentin Tarantino. A true Western Adventure. (Sundog Series Vol. 4)

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